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About  PIAM  Productions

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Florine Parker/Founder & CEO
Original design created for PIAM by Winston-Salem Designer
"Fannie Lee Jenkins" (RIP)

PIAM Productions

 "Be Fierce at Any Age"
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"Supporting our youth is the greatest           investment we can make!"  
Florine Parker/CEO - PIAM     10/01/1996

PIAM Productions, LLC is a fashion-production company based out of Charlotte, NC. We specialize in classy, fashion show entertainment for business conferences, private and social organizations, and other occasions. We also host in-person and online model competitions, talent recognition events for barbers, hair stylists, makeup artists, nail technicians, designers and other talent in the glam field. Ask about our fundraiser opportunities for nonprofit organizations.


Originating in Winston-Salem, NC in the late 90's (1996 - 2002) as "Positive Images And More", PIAM ran under the auspices of Florine Parker, Founder and CEO. Born in Yonkers, NY, Ms. Parker was raised in Winston-Salem, NC. The fact that she was a teenager, taller than all of the girls and most of the guys in her neighborhood, prompted her to play varsity sports. In her senior year, she had grown to the height of six feet, two inches (6' 2") tall. Her athletic efforts would earn her MVP of the girl's, varsity basketball team (R.J. Reynolds) and a full, athletic scholarship to Winston-Salem State University. Two years later, she had, what she calls her "Greatest Gift Ever", her son and only child, Dr. Darian Parker. "Raising my son has given me profound strength and courage to persevere. He is my greatest inspiration on this earth, as he always encourages me to utilize my creative skills, to inspire others and to believe in myself, even through life challenges"


It was around 1981 when Ms. Parker caught the eye of Jacob "Jake" Hughes (RIP), a Winston-Salem business man with a production company. "Jake & Company Productions". "Jake would see me out in the community and approach me about modeling. I turned him down twice. Mind you, I was an athlete. I knew nothing about modeling. The third time I saw him, he offered me tickets to one of his productions. I accepted, went to the production and was "blown away". It was afterwards that I agreed to audition for his company. I was nervous because I had no experience, but I was accepted and the rest is history. I am grateful to "Jake", as he saw something in me that I never saw. I was able to work with some amazing models and designers who influenced my life in a very profound way. I will never forget them and continue to acknowledge them through my creative projects." Fifteen years later, Ms. Parker would start her own production company, "Positive Images and More", along with a community program ("Positive Images After School Program") to help young people build a greater sense of confidence and self-esteem. She says "Having a business with an underlined mission was very rewarding and kept me going through the difficult times."

From (1996 - 2002), Ms. Parker is credited with starting her business, "Positive Images and More" (Winston-Salem, NC (1996), starting a youth community program (PIAM After School Program" with two of her models winning "Ebony Fashion Fair" Scholarships the first two years of its inception (1996 & 1997), producing and choreographing over 21 live fashion events including, The "Excellence Gospel Awards Show" - Eden, NC (televised on 28 stations on the East Coast (1998), "Heritage USA" - Faith-based fashion production (Fort Mill, SC), creating, hosting and producing local TV show "Fashion Flavors" (1997 - 2000), featured on the cover and inside story of "The Black Pages USA" (1998 edition), featured stories in the "Winston-Salem Journal" and "Winston-Salem Chronicle" newspapers (1996-1998), featured model for "Dudley Products" (Washington, DC), featured corporate model Glamour Shots (W-S), Member of Minority Women's Business Enterprise, Certified Image Consultant, youth mentor, motivational speaker, numerous guest appearances on local, community television and radio shows and other indeavors.


"In 2002, my son was scheduled to attend graduate school at Yale University, in New Haven, CT. He suggested that I move to New Haven as well for a different experience. The fact that I was born in NY but raised in the south prompted my curiosity for a different, cultural experience so I decided to make the move. Living in New Haven and visiting the city (New York City) on the weekends, I did find the cultural experience very different and a much faster pace than in the south, but I enbraced it and incorporated that experience into my creative projects."


While in New Haven, Ms. Parker had the privilege of working with Angela Maria Malerba, Executive Director of "ASCENSION Broadcasting". Ms. Malerba served as a consultant on three creative projects for Ms. Parker, who states, "Working with a young, brilliant talent like Angela, whose gifts manifest themselves through such high levels of integrity and impeccable work ethics, just opened up my eyes to a whole new awareness of what possibilities are obtainable. The contributions she gifted me through PIAM, I still utilize today. What an honor having worked with such an accomplished, gracious, and humble spirit."


Ms. Parker credits Ms. Malerba with assisting her in three out of four PIAM projects she produced while in New Haven (2004 - 2007), which included a fashion event for 94.3 WYBC Yale Broadcasting Company, James Hillhouse High school - (2 fashion events), and Gospel Fest New Haven (choreographer & featured model). Ms. Parker was also consulted by a New Haven high school principal regarding interest in her "PIAM After School Program".


Today, Ms. Parker calls Charlotte, NC her home. Through PIAM Productions, she is excited to bring live fashion events, model compeitions, fundraisers and positive youth initiatives to the Charlotte community and surrounding areas.

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