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Categories of Interest to PIAM Productions....

If you have products that you feel will compliment our Custom-designed Gift Basket Ensembles from our sister company, Elite Stage Presence,          

then you may consider becoming a vendor or a sponsor for our "EGE" event in November 2023. For food vendors, food products must be pre-packaged and meet FDA guidelines.


Below are some of the creative categories or business services that PIAM will utilize for its creative projects or other. All categories may not be listed, therefore, if you do not see a category for your business, service or art-form, you are welcome to become a vendor or sponsor to bring awareness to your business or brand.


All health and beauty professionals such as makeup artists, nail technicians, hair stylists, barbers and other glam professionals, etc. must be licensed by the state of NC or other.




Local Businesses
(Individual Professional)


(For live projects & productions) 
This is the most important category for our business, as our Models must be "Fierce". This is a part of our "FCC" Brand. Fierce,  Classy and  Confident
Gender Does Not Matter when it comes to our  in-person Model Competitions.
PIAM seeks the "Fiercest" and Most "Confident" models on the planet to represent our Brand. 

  Be Ready To Bring It!
BSN Print Companies
Graphic Artists
T-shirt Companies
Event Planners
Social Media Mgt

Marketing Development
Bsn Management
Trophy Companies
Hair Stylists - Individual
Barbers        - Individual
Makeup Artists
Fashion Designers
Fashion Stylists
Production Managers
Stage Managers
Production Crew
Dance Choreographers
Dancers - All Genres
Vocalists - R&B +
Vocalists - Gospel
Spoken Word Artists
Sign Language Artists
(Clean Lyrics)
Below are some of the services PIAM will utilize for its creative projects (or other):
NOTE:  We reference our list of sponsors, vendors and patrons first, when seeking professionals for our professional, creative and personal needs. You do not have to be a glam professional in order for us to utilize your business or service, depending on our needs. PIAM does not guarantee work for any business or entrepreneur, we only reference our list of sponsors and vendors, first for services or products we may utilize.
Thank you for supporting PIAM Productions.   "We support businesses who support us!"
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