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The 2024 "EGE"

Everything Glam Event

This event will be held on SaturdayNovember 16, 2024

 (Time & location will be announced later)

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Did you know you could be a

"Sponsor for Change"?

When you sponsor our 2024 "EGE" event, a portion of the proceeds benefit "Time Out To Care" Foundation, which helps to support underserved youth, in the Charlotte community through scholarships towards education and sports programming.

Check the sponsor package you prefer. Your sponsorship helps to support underserved youth, in the Charlotte community, through "Time Out To Care" Foundation:
*Sponsors please use the following apps listed below to make your payments:
Contact us for corporate business sponsorships.

PIAM Productions appreciates your business. We support businesses who support us!

Jaquavion Gaffney PIAM Role Model Poster  18 x 24.png
Meet Jaquavion Gaffney. Jaquavion shared his story with PIAM. He says he was in and out of trouble, not doing well in school, his grades went down, and his mom put him in a program, where he received a male mentor, who connected him with "Time Out To Care". He was able to get sports training and learn other basketball skills, while receiving guidance through his mentor. Jaquavion completely turned his life around. His grades went up, he no longer got into trouble, and has now,become a mentor to other kids.

Jaquavion's name was submitted to PIAM as a student, doing good at home, in school and/or in the community. That is why Jaquavion was named PIAM "Role Model" of the year! He received a PIAM "Role Model" t-shirt, certificate, trophy, poster of the above image, and a cash prize, as a reward for making "Positive" changes in his life.

Congratulations to Jaquavion Gaffney! PIAM Productions is so proud of this young man. Let's continue to support "Time Out To Care", as they continue to provide scholorships to support PIAM "Role Models" like Jaquavion.

When you sponsor or attend a PIAM Productions' event, you are supporting "Positive Youth" initiatives. For as little as $50.00, you can sponsor our 2024 "EGE" event and make a difference in the lives of young people like Jaquavion. We will recognize you and/or your business on PIAM's website, IG and at the event, as your contribution includes admission into the event, should you choose to attend. A portion of the proceeds will benefit "Time Out To Care". 

Please show your support for underserved youth in the Charlotte community by completing the "Sponsor For Change" registration form on this page. We would truly appreciate your contribution towards "Positive Change".

Thank you for listening! Thank you for your support!......PIAM
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