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What is "POMO"?
PIAM Online Model Of the month
 IG: @lalp99                                            "POMO"  June 2023   
Lillian Parham POMO PHOTO COLLAGE.png
 Lillian Parham - Representing "Many Faces of Positivity" in the Month of June. She is our 2nd   Quarter "POMO" Winner of 2023.  
  •  With vibrant colors! 
  •  Tasteful trends! 
  •  And all of the creative energy to match
 Lillian Parham presents a beautiful collection of creative looks. Lillian will receive a "POMO" 
 t-shirt with her featured, photo(s). She is also eligible for the 2023 "POMO" of the Year Award. 
 IG: @atavia_allme                               "POMO" February 2023 
Atavia POMO 3.png
  Atavia Oates was selected as the 1st quarter PIAM Online Model Of the month. In February.  
  She was selected for her ability to represent "Self-Love" through her amazing photo shoot:   
  • Stepping over all obstacles in 2023
  • Kicking down all doors &
  • Bending over backwards to get it done.
 Atavia received a "POMO" t-shirt with her featured photos. She is also eligible for PIAM's 2023   "POMO" of the Year Award. CONGRATULATIONS to Atavia Oates. You Are Amazing....PIAM 
 IG: @eris_aubrie                                  "POMO" October 2023  
POMO Eris Aubrie OCT 2023 (1).png
Congratulations to Eris Aubrie. She is PIAM's Online Model Of the month of October and our last quarter "POMO" for the year 2023. PIAM is excited to recognized this 14 year old "phenomenon". We look forward to following her amazing journey as a teen- model, actress, designer, motivational speaker, phelanthropists and so much more.   
 Follow us on IG: @PIAMproductions for updates on "POMO" and all of our events. 
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