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The "EGE"

PIAM Productions Presents: The "Everything Glam Event"  Coming late Fall 2022.  
This competition is for salons, barber shops, individual hair stylists and barbers, makeup artists, nail technicians  and runway models who are confident in their craft. We want the Fiercest professionals, in the Queen City to show up and show out with their artistry. This is PIAM's first, in-person competition of 2022, and this one will be local only. Our follow-up "EGE" competiton will be held in the spring of 2023. PIAM will open up this competition to all markets and regions in the spring of 2024. There is limited registration now as we only want the "Fiercest" Artists in the Charlotte community to show up and represent. This is an in-person event, therefore registration and tickets to this event are limited, and on a first-come, first-served basis. Win your trophies now before we open up to other cities like Atlanta, New York and LA. Charlotte has Amazing talent and we are looking forward to seeing you at this event!
Follow us on Instagram @PIAMmodels for updates on this event, including date, time, venue, registration, ticket information, sponsorships and vendor info. Ticket holders are eligible for door prizes and give-aways at this event. 
Young Fashion Models


Runway Models

You will be judged in these (5) categories:

$200.00  CASH  PRIZE

      Your Walk - You must  Serve it !
      Your Style - Fierce Fashion Look
      Your Turns  - Smooth & Precise


Your Poses - Be Creative
Grand Prize for the Finals!
Cash Prize in Model Competition Only.....
You are competing to take home the trophy for the "Fiercest" model in the Charlotte, NC area. You must represent the PIAM "FCC" Brand
(Fierce, Classy and Confident).  
Good Luck To You All.......
  1. The "CURVE"
  2. The "SWAGG"
  3. The "STRUT"
Models bring your "AAA" Game to compete for the $500.00 Cash Prize!
Glitters and Makeup


Show us how FIERCE you are!
In these 5 categories:

- Natural  
(Everyday, natural beauty. No false lashes.)

- Colorful  (Multiple colors at least (5) for eyes.)

- "Smokey Eye" (Dramatic look for any occasion.)

- Accents  (Rhinestones, Jewelry Accents, etc.)

This makeup should represent "The EgeEvent" and the PIAM "FCCBrand 
"Fierce, Classy and Confident"

This Category is for individual artists who are licensed.
No Salons! 
Artists must use all of the above techniques and applications.

​-"PIAM Special" (Most important Makeup)

No "Scary" Makeup Please. Thank you!
Natural Beauty

Hair Stylists

Show us how FIERCE you are!
In these 5

  (Natural hair with no color added)

Color      (Any texture of hair with color added) 

Weave (Styled hair - weave and/or extentions)


Creative Cut and Style (Not what you see everyday)
"PIAM Special"(Most important Cut and/or style)
This cut and/or style should represent "The Event" and the PIAM "FCC" Brand... "Fierce, Classy and Confident"
*These 5 categories are for Individuals. Artists must use all of these techniques and applications.
NOTE:   For the "EGE" Competition, if a stylist is in a salon or shop, then no other stylist, from the same shop/salon can compete in the same trophy category.
Silky Long Hair
Hair Model
Fashion Portrait of a Bearded Man
Young Girl with Afro
Lush Curly Hairstyle
Model with Makeup
NOTE:   For the "EGE" Competition, if a barber is in a shop, then no other barber from the same shop can compete in the same trophy category.
Happy Costumer
Barber Shop
Woman Hair Stylist
Man Getting a Haircut
Barber and Costumer


Show us how FIERCE you are!

In these 5 Cut Categories:
  - Groomed Cut (Bearded -look)   
  - Styles (This look should represent the "EGE" FCC Brand below) 
- Technique (Dreads, Locks, Extensions, etc.) 
  - Unique Design (A look not seen everyday - Barber's  choice)

-"Theme" Cut -  
     (Thanksgiving or Christmas Holiday-Theme-cut)   
- "PIAM Special" (Most important Category)
This cut should represent the event "The EGE" and the PIAM "FCC" Brand 
"Fierce, Classy and Confident"
Glam-Burgundy Nails.jpg
gold nails.jpg
Glitter Nails.png
colorful nails.jpg


Show us how FIERCE you are! 
In these 5 Style categories:
 - Stiletto (Any Unique Bling Design
 - Ballerina 
(Any Unique Holiday Design) 
 - Artist Choice 
(Acrylic Powder)

-"PIAM Special" (Most important Category)

 - Artist Choice (Hand-painted Design)
This Nail design should  represent the "PIAM "FCC"  Brand and the The "EGE" Event"  Fierce, Classy and Confident"
All nail art must be original work by the artist. No pre-designed or press-on nails.
Coming Sunday, November 20, 2022 - City Club at Gibson Mill near Concord Mills
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