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The Iconic "EGE" Grand Prize Trophy

PIAM Productions' THE "EGE"
The "EGE" Grand Prize Trophies are listed below:

Artists will choose the trophy category they wish to represent (Only (3) slots for each category).
Once slots are filled, category will be closed, and no other registrations will be accepted in that category.




The "BLADE"   Barber Legend And Design-cut Expert   

                                                                                                                    Hair Stylists 


The "BOSS"    Best Overall  Salon Skills


                                                                                                            Makeup Artists 


The "FLAME" Fiercest Looks in Artistic Makeup Execution 


                                                                                                ​  Model Competition 


  The "FLO"  Fierce Legend Of the runway  

Note: Only (1) talent from each of the above categories will receive the trophy seen on this page.

      (Only (3) slots for talent participation, per category. Once slots are filled, talent category will be closed.)

Once you register, you will be contacted by PIAM via email, with more information.


For questions about this event contact PIAM Productions at

All individual barbers, hair stylists, makeup artists and models will receive trophies (not seen on this page) for artistic skills in specific categories. One additional trophy (seen on this page) will be awarded to the talent, in each category, based on skill set, accomplishments and other criteria. Those individuals will receive the "EGE"  Grand Prize Trophy seen on this page and a $500.00 Cash Prize. 

Follow us on Instagram @PIAMmodels for more information on online contests, and updates on this event.   
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You don't want to miss this fun and rewarding event with prize giveaways every 15 minutes! 
Thank you for supporting PIAM Productions. "We support businesses who support us!
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