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"Natural beauty resonates from within. It eternalizes the love, dedication and support that is funneled through the souls of everyday people who make daily sacrifices to enhance the lives of others. They go above and beyond what is required of them in order to service those in need." (Florine Parker/CEO PIAM Productions-10/03/21).  Some of these individuals haved overcome some difficult challenges, and some of these individuals are just ordinary people who do amazing things for others on a regular bases. Whether it's you or someone you know, PIAM wants to hear your story, and thank you in advance for sharing with us and so many others like you.       

PIAM Productions would like to recognize some of these amazing individuals through our "ANB" Photo  Contest (All Natural Beauty). "Although we are unable to recognize everyone, know that we acknowledge and  appreciate you for all that you do to make life more meaningful for others." (Florine Parker/CEO-PIAM Productions).       

This PIAM Contest is open to any adult age 18 and older, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or religious  background. There is no age limit. This is a donation-based, online contest. Suggested, recommended donation  amount is $5.00 - $25.00. You may donate as much as you would like.

1) Attach"ANB" photo of you or someone you know, to the registration form.
2) Photo should have minimum to no jewley or makeup.
(Photos must be recent, taken within the past year and represent a likeness of what you look like today,in order to be considered).
3) Photos must be head shots only. Any photos from the shoulders up will be considered.
4)Recent photos are preferred. Please upload photo to registration form on PIAM website. 
5) Submit a brief paragraph on registration form (up to 5 lines)  based on this the expression  "Jane Doe is amazing because.".......

ENTRY FORM:    Fill out "ANB" Photo Contest Entry Form.
Paragraph:   I am entering Jane Doe in the contest.  She is amazing because she lost her sight 10 years ago but she volunteers at the local shelter every week to help feed the homeless. She also volunteers to take business calls for the shelter. She even provides a safe place in her home for kids in the neighborhood for the last ten years. I feel she is worthy to win the ANB Contest.
That's all that's needed!!!!!!!!  5 - 6 lines maximum.

Due to the volumn of contest entries, PIAM is unable to respond to emails. Contest updates will be posted through our social media platforms and website until a winner is chosen. 

PIAM will choose five (5) finalist who will be posted on our Instagram account, @PIAMmodels, for followers to like. We will also post them on our website. The winner of the "ANB" "All Natural Beauty" Contest will be featured on the PIAM website and awarded with a plaque and a donation contribution in their honor, to The Academy Of Goal Achievers, courtesy of PIAM Productions. We will also highlight the 4 runner-ups. Deadline for entries is Saturday, November 20th, 2021. And the question is?  "WHO DO YOU KNOW THAT'S AMAZING!!!

5) Contestants are eligible to submit multiple entries. All entries must be done individually. There will be weekly updates through PIAM's social media platforms. PIAM Productions would like to thank you for your donation and contribution to our cause, as we continue to support positive initiatives. 

6) Winner will be contacted by PIAM and posted on PIAM website and all social media platforms by Wednesday,  November 24, 2021.

All information submitted on contest form is confidential to PIAM staff and is not disclosed to the general public. 
Upload Your Photo

You may also send your donation through CashApp: $PIAMmodels

Thanks for submitting!

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