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Fashion Show Productions

PIAM offers classy fashion events for many occasions. Models are auditioned, selected and professionally trained by PIAM and other professionals. We provide unique presentatons for all audiences. 

Eyes Closed


Man in Leather Jacket
African Model Headshot_edited.jpg
Contact us to entertain your next professional or social event.  
Model with Curly Hair

Fundraisers for Nonprofits

PIAM offers fundraisers for nonprofit organizations. Whether you  are a school, little league team, church or other faith-based organization with a 501C status, PIAM can help you raise the funds you need.



1)  PIAM will have a fashion event and sell tickets.

2)  The nonprofit is responsible for getting the tickets sold.

3)  Once all tickets are sold, PIAM will disperce funds to nonprofit.

4)  THAT'S IT!!!!!!!!!!  That's all you have to do!

5)  WE DO THE REST!  It's that easy with PIAM Productions.



1) There is no candy or products to sell, or waiting on orders to come in to distibute.

2) You are supporting a local, minority business, not an out of state business. When  you support PIAM, we are able to filter that support back into our community by youth mentorship and donations.

3) Everyone benefits from the fundraiser.

  • The nonprofit can receive up to 50% of the ticket sales. (a $10,000 minimum with other terms).

  • The ticket-holder will see an amazing PIAM fashion production at a scheculed date & time. 

  • PIAM Productions support-positive youth initiatives by donating back to local nonprofits.

4) Most Importantly: When you support PIAM, you are helping to employ up to 40 individuals at one time. You should feel really great for choosing us to provide you with one of our amazing fundraisers.

Class Portrait
Little League Team on Bench

We appreciate your support!

Church Cross
Gospel Choir
Contact us for your next fundraiser.
PIAM provides excellent youth-inspired fundraisers for churches.

Positive Workshops For Youth

PIAM also offers positive workshops for young ladies and young men ages 10 through high school age. We focus on building confidence and self-esteem through our one-day, motivational workshops.

Online Children Photo Contests

PIAM Productions offers online photo contests for children. Contests may include parents and family. Winners are featured on PIAM's website and social media platforms and will receive special prizes.
Happy Siblings
Friends Forever
Dressed Up
Girl Posing
Yellow Vest
Baby JaLaya.jpg
Father and Son
Proud Big Sister

Model Competitions

PIAM Productions offers online and in-person model competitions for adults ages 18 and older, regardless of race, gender, ethnic group or religion. Some competitions are specific and others are all-inclusive. Online competitions may include photo contests, short model walk videos, or group model competitions. There is an initial registration date and deadline for entries. Participants receive trophy recognition for specific skill set talent and are featured on PIAM's website and social media platform(s). Follow us on Instagram @PIAMproductions for updates on our model competition, talent events and recognitions for barbers, hair stylists and makeup artists, fashion designers and more.

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Pondering Soul
Round Shades
Male model in white jacket
Woman in Camel Suit
High fashion model
SWAG NAVY & WHITE SUIT PREP_edited_edited.png
Fashionable Girl
Fashion Model
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