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"Smoothest Walking Alpha Guys & Gals"
The Winner of this category will receive a Cash Prize & Trophy and move on to the same-event  finals, to compete for the
$1000.00  Cash Prize & Grand Prize Trophy.

This is our smooth-walking, swag 

"Fierce" Model Competition.

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  • Instagram
  • The "SWAGG" (smooth walkers with "swag")

  • The "STRUT" ("neutral" category)

  • The "CURVE" ("curvy girls")

NOTE: There is no right or wrong category for you to choose! However, you must display "swag" when you compete in The "SWAGG" and you must be "curvy"  in order to register for The "CURVE".  So choose wisely, the category that best suits you!

Who is the
"Smoothest Walking" guy or gal
in The "EGE" Model Competition
for 2023

Is it You? Who will take home the trophy as the "Baddest Model" on the planet? 
PIAM Productions' "EGE" 2023 
"Model" Competition?

Coming:   November 12, 2023

Who will take home the Trophy 
as The "EGE" 2023
"Fierce Legend Of the runway"
Will it be you?
Bring your PIAM "FCC" Game
Fierce, Classy & Confident.......
Purchase your discounted tickets on Eventbrite.
Use Code
"EGE" for a $10.00 discount.
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PIAM Productions, LLC Presents     


      Model      Competition

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